Importance of Live Chat Support to Small Businesses

Is live chat support really needed for your website?

live chat support
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6 thoughts on “Importance of Live Chat Support to Small Businesses”

  1. A live chat has many other features like third party integration, call back, and page specific chat invitation, multiple language profile, various Statistics Report like Chat request report. Login logout report, chat rating report, Customize: Pre-chat, Post chat and off-line message forms, Layered chat window, CRM Integration (SalesForce, Sugar CRM). A live chat can be integrated with many of the third party software to enhance their utility. I myself am using live chat software from live2support. live2support is also a economical service available at

    • Agreed, Charley…. this post simply encourages the reader to consider the idea of chat for their ecommerce business. The features are enormous, and vary from provider to provider.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, nothing beats instant online customer service provided by a real person, and there’s plenty of research out there in favor of live chat.
    Brands like offer free service forever, no strings attached, as well as paid plans with plenty of features to meet bigger needs.


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