Information Technology Consultancy

Coversine team provides several other online resources like affordable SSL certificates, SEO services, graphic design, logo design, etc. but most of all we are open to anything else you may need accomplished for your business. We are one of the few virtual assistant companies that provide any kind of online support for your internet presence.

Get up to 30 minutes of an associate, or 10 minutes of an SME assistance. You can use our virtual assistance package for :

  • website component upgrades,
  • content or style changes,
  • backups, security check & patches,
  • minor bug fixes,
  • SME advice on anything related to online business
  • article writing
  • or anything else, ask us before you order.

The time taken for a task depends on the complexity of task and also the level of expertise of the associate / SME. An associate will mainly do basic online tasks, and any complex work will be done by an SME. Please use the inquiry form / chat, to confirm your task’s complexity, before you order.

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