About us

Greeting from Coversine

Coversine is the brand of trust and expertise. We provide a single point of sale for all your tech needs. With the uprising of cloud technologies, your website can be developed, secured, stored, promoted, and managed from anywhere in the world.

Our cloud gurus will take care of your website as their own, so that you can put all your efforts on expanding your business. We offer the complete exclusive service of maintaining the site / server up-time, which means we regularly backup your site on your behalf, and recover your site, in case of hacks/attacks/etc.

Our team is global, works remotely to maintain your business presence, so that you can sleep peacefully at night. 


Assist You

Ensure any kind of assistance with content modification, setup, updates, backup, and many more...

Secure It

Dealing with a hacked website is painful. But our experts have far more experience in countering such matters.

Speed Up

We know how to make your site faster... Do you know PageSpeed, CDN, Redis? You don't need to, that's our job.

Dedicated Resources

Your app or website is hosted on a VPS, dedicated only to you. So no hassles of shared hosting.

Free SEO Audit

We monitor your business reputation online, and notify you of any bad SEO practices on your website.

Value for Money

You will save money and time, on the service features we provide and complexities we handle for you.