6 Important Aspects of Website Maintenance

Congratulations! You have created a website that you are proud of. But, what about website maintenance? This website has to be maintained over time. Many aspects of online marketing will change, and you need to keep up with the latest. Here is what you should expect in your website maintenance package.

24×7 support for maintenance issues.

Any website maintenance company that tells you that around-the-clock support is not industry standard, is simply behind the curve.

You should have the support that you need any time that you need it, and most website maintenance services will give you this support on demand.

They will have many ways of getting in touch with you, including online chat, open phone lines and website FAQs, that you can use to find the answers to common questions.

Automatic updates for plugins and themes

If you are dealing with third party plug-ins on your website, these plug-ins should be updated regularly and timely fashion, by your website maintenance package. Keep in mind that there are certain third-party applications, that will need to be updated individually. But for the most part, your web site maintenance company should be able to handle it.

If you are using a WordPress theme or a similar package from a large design distributor, you should expect automatic updates for that theme as they come out. This is true especially if you have purchased a premium theme from WordPress.

Performance tuning and monitoring

Any time that your website is up, there will be many issues that must be handled in real time. Your website maintenance service, will help you maintain the performance level that you are used to. This is a great investment when it comes to search engine optimization. Website-speed is one of the major criteria, when it comes to overall search ranking.

Performance tuning means that, not only does your site speed stay consistent, but you will also have all other aspects of your web site performance monitored. Your website should not depreciate in performance like a piece of hardware; you should expect the same level of performance on day thousand, that you get on day one.

Safety features against downtime

Although web site maintenance is not cyber security, the package you bought, should provide some customer facing benefits that will keep business running smoothly, if something unfortunate happens to the website. For instance, your package may be responsible for site mirrors, or bringing up a backup website in place of the compromised website, so that business runs as usual.

There does not have to be any negative performance issues in order for this protection to kick in. In many cases, the best website maintenance packages, will test the performance of different mirrors, bringing the best performing website at the time, to the service of the customer.

Updates to Premium Plugins

website maintenance

If you are using WordPress, you may have additional options to add on to your web site maintenance package. These options can include updates to premium plug-ins, that will greatly improve your overall web performance.

You may also receive updates to the theme itself in a much more timely fashion than the average user of the theme.

Making a purchase of these optional add-ons will save you a great deal of money. You will not have to spend that money on additional plug-ins that you would normally have to purchase one by one.

Automatic Backups of your Data.

If you’re running an e-commerce website, keeping up with information of your customers is definitely a priority. Consistently backing up your data, is one of the most important things that you can do as a business owner online.

Unfortunately, many business owners simply forget to incorporate this into their day to day operations. A great website maintenance service will ensure, that you do not have to do this on your own. It will be done for you automatically by the service itself.

You may also gain a form of cloud storage, so that you do not have to spend any additional money on the hardware to store the backups of your data. Different levels of backup storage will cost different amounts of money. However, all of the data will be properly, and securely protected on the cloud.

Our Web Site Maintenance Package

Coversine helps many website owners ensure their website maintenance, at economical prices. This is not just some site-monitoring service, that simply polls your website for uptime. Coversine is one of the best website maintenance companies, that offer the complete service of maintenance, performance tuning, regular backups with free recovery, and timely software updates.


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