About Coversine Website Services

We are a team of service providers working collectively to provide the best web products and services to our customers. Our team has been providing web hosting and freelancing services to customers worldwide for several years.

Coversine is a limited-liability company, registered with the state of Delaware, USA. The main office is in Bangalore India. We are committed to serving the web needs of anyone; whether  personal enthusiast, startup, home-business, or established entrepreneur.

Coversine LLC caters to any website related matters whether design, development, maintenance, security, hosting and many more. Contact us to know how we can help boost up your small-business online presence.

We are very passionate and experienced people; we love our work. We are focused on one thing: customer satisfaction. We always exceed our clients’ expectations.

What Coversine LLC can do for You?

Coversine can help small business owners take care of their website uptime, or even their VPS / dedicated server uptime, at affordable costs. And no, we are not talking about a monitoring service that notifies you whenever your site goes down. We offer the complete exclusive service of maintaining the site / server uptime, which means we regularly backup your site on your behalf, and recover your site, in case of hacks/attacks/etc.

Of course, prevention is better than cure, and thats why the subscriptions above, take care of performance checks, and regular updates to softwares and apps as well. You are in good hands, when you are with us…rest assured!

Coversine team provides several other online resources like affordable SSL certificates, SEO services, graphic design, logo design, etc. but most of all we are open to anything else you may need accomplished for your business. Our virtual assistance package is the most popular among our clients. We are one of the few virtual assistant companies that provide any kind of online support for your internet presence.